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"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."
"Her reverie, once rich in plausible details, had become a passing silliness before the hard mass of the actual. It was difficult to come back." )

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Because apparently I like this whole posting on a daily basis thing:

The ALL ABOUT ME honesty meme

Reply anonymously (post comment -> more options -> Anonymous) and tell me what you REALLY think about me. Do I post too frequently? Do my RANDOM OUTBURST OF CAPS annoy you? Do you have sexy dreams about me (if so, details please)? How rubbish is my fic? TELL ME YOUR ISSUES, OKAY?

IP logging and "My Guests" are off, not that they were on to begin with, but, you know, now you know. Comments are screened until I work out if I'm okay with them.

(yes, [ profile] kylezy , I SNAGGED THIS WORD. FOR. FUCKING. WORD. I love you. :D )
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 I want summer.
 I want to get tanned by running around outside and swimming.
 I want to read books.
 I want to write poetry. & fanfic. 
 I want to draw pictures. Good pictures.
 I want to watch movies and go swimming in the dark.
 I want to write letters and eat ice cream .
 I want summer.
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I should really, really, really learn how to do things NOT THE NIGHT BEFORE! $750 scholarship form is due in. TOMORROW. And I quickly typed up some shit about cooperative businesses and how they've influenced my town and by some MIRACLE managed to make it to 751 words (SEE WHAT I DID THAR!) even though getting past 200 just about killed me.

...and we have no plain white paper here at home. So tomorrow I'm going to need to hurryhurryhurry and get to school, print it off and get it to the damned post office ASAP. ...I HATE MY PROCRASTINATING WAYS!

EDIT: HUZZAH!!! My mother is brilliant and this is obviously how it's obvious that I am her child. WHITE PAPER FOR THE WIN!! (...did that sound racist? -_-")

On an unrelated note I'm pretty sure the creative writing assignment I handed in today counts as fanfic for Lord of the Flies and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that....

Dear [personal profile] callowyn:

Please come back to me. I dearly miss you and your crackish ways.



P.S. Not only is the fic suffering, but so is that Arthur/Dean pr0n fic I got going on. WHY DID YOU LEAVE MEEEE?!?!?


Off to bed to safe you the embarrassment that is obviously myself. <3

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 Dear Marvel,

Thank you for owning Iron Man. And thank you for turning the comics into movies.  Even though Iron Man 2 was crap compared to the first movie, Tony Stark is fucking ace and exactly my type of hero. The fact that he's completely made of sex doesn't hurt, of course. His lines are like gold, except I can't sell them.



You guys, I can't live without my anti-heroes. This is plainly obvious. Batman, Cade Skywalker, Iron Man, the Winchester boys. I just can't stay away from them.

...and this random tidbit has been brought to you by the number thirteen and the letter R.


6/1/10 14:15
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       Promoting Gwen-centric Last Author Standing contest. Here is the information.
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"I'm just trying to measure the level of insanity we're dealing with here, all right?"
"High. High. Very high."

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